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YMCA Craft Fair

The YMCA Craft Fair event was held on Friday November 8th at the Blacksburg Community Center. Galipatia brought a group of 10 volunteers to the event to assist the vendors at the YMCA staff in the set-up of the event. The Annual Craft Fair was celebrating their 50th anniversary, and it was the largest occurrence yet. They had live music, food vendors, craft vendors, and so much more. The volunteers worked for two hours to help take vendor orders, carry vendor supplies to the appropriate booths, and decorate the community center entrance to display the Craft Fair.

Galipatia has worked with the YMCA in the past for this event and others. Many of the volunteers who were present had also volunteered for the book fair that took place earlier in this semester. It was a very productive event overall and the YMCA loved having the extra help to set up for the event. In the future, we hope to volunteer for the majority of the weekend long event, instead of just the two-hour setup shift.

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