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How to Dress for Events

This is a picture from a Professional Development titled How to Dress for Events where we discussed the different types of common events that you could be invited to as a professional in the workforce. One of the first things that one thinks about after accepting an invitation is “what should I wear?”. To help teach the freshmen about the importance of dressing correctly for these events, we talked through some common events, what the correct level of dress was with examples, and tried to explain on a high-level why that was appropriate as compared to another form of dress. We also included exceptions that would or wouldn’t work. At the end, we also stated that we were merely giving suggestions and to always use your best judgement, whether you choose something yourself or look to the internet for ideas. As a result, we also gave examples of sources that we felt seemed reliable, could go either way, and some that weren’t reliable. We ended with a Kahoot where we put their new knowledge to the test and threw them some curveballs but they all did great. They were laughing and learning, the best combination in my book being a student myself. We really enjoyed throwing the event because it was something that my partners and I agreed was something that seemed like common sense but all admitted to struggling with at some point. We also believed in rather overdressing than underdressing just to be safe, and decided to present these points to the freshman. Dressing appropriately for the business event is crucial because it implies things about you and your attitude, something that employers look at; they want employees that look like they take their job seriously and know that they are doing, and that’s why we wanted to throw this event but also make it enjoyable for everyone!

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