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Lee Hall Room Setups and Tips (with Panoramas!)

There are lots of different ways to set up your dorm room. It’s a good idea to discuss lofting beds with your roommate before you come to college. Regardless, there are still many ways to organize and decorate your room. Below are panoramas from this year's students:

My suggestions on what to bring for your room:

  • A rug! It’s fun to invite friends to hang out in your room, and a rug will help make your room a more warm and welcome one to watch movies, play videogames, or just hang out in. Plus, a rug can help make your room more homey.

  • A whiteboard for your door. Most rooms end up getting one for their door. Inspirational quotes, surveys, doodles and memes all serve as a way to personalize your room – and get to know your neighbors.

  • A whiteboard for your dorm wall. This will be useful for homework problems, especially in physics and chemistry. It’s well worth the investment!

  • Posters – These serve to make your space feel like home, and are a great talking point.

  • A printer – There are some teachers that require printed out homework! In addition, this will make printing out resumes and game tickets a lot less stressful.

  • A mattress pad or mattress topper for your bed - These are worth the investment if you prefer a softer mattress. Simply put it on top of your provided mattress for a softer bed.

  • Minifridge/Microwave – As a college student, you will have leftovers. It’s inevitable.

  • Extra coat hangers - You should bring 10-15 extras. You will get plenty of free t-shirts, especially at big events like Gobblerfest.

Tips to save space in your dorm:

  • If you use crates to transport your things from home, these crates can be turned on their side and be used as shelves in your closet.

  • Consider buying a desk hatch for your desk to store textbooks, papers, and other miscellaneous things such as tissues and pictures. You can order one through College Savers, an official VT partner that will deliver your shelf to the college during move-in week. You should get information about them in the mail over the summer. Some used desk hatches should be on sale at the Y-toss, a thrift sale hosted by the YMCA during move-in.

  • Consider getting a storage footstool for your room. You can put things inside of these stools, but they double as a seat for company.

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