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Overview of INVENTS Studio

Students can use the INVENTS studio to work on their school projects or develop their own personal projects. There are a plethora of machines that students can learn to use. Some of them include 3D printers, laser cutters, laser engravers, miter saws and bandsaws.

Besides obtaining training to operate machines, students can also attend workshops such as for design thinking and learning how to program an Arduino. Students do not need to feel obligated to already have project ideas to work on. There are four graduate students running the lab who are available to provide guidance with brainstorming ideas. They also host themed events that allow students to work through a guided project. Some examples of guided projects include a photoluminescent stained glass, laser cut ID badge, fingerprint pendant, book safe and a device stand.

The studio also provides students with ample opportunities to meet new people. Design teams such as Team Astra and High Powered Rocketry host their meetings in the studio, which means that students can listen in and see if they’d like to pursue the design teams. Additionally, companies such as Deloitte, Excella and General Electric host design challenges in the lab which provides the students with a glimpse of the skills that employers desire and allows them to develop their professional network.

The INVENTS studio lets students to take initiative by working on personal projects and developing their technical skills, thus augmenting their engineering education.

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