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How to Spend your Summer

Going of to summer there’s a lot of freedom, and any student should use this time to at least relax a little. But, it’s important to know what you should be doing, what you probably shouldn’t do, and especially how not to lose all the information you’ve been trying to get in your head from August to May. Here are a couple of ideas on how to make that all happen.

The first things you should be doing is taking this opportunity to get back to family, talk to old friends, and enjoy being home. Planning fun trips and going out to enjoy the weather is also a great call. Doing things that are related to your major are just pluses as not only should they be fun but also great to add to resumes. These things can be personal projects, or joining an organization, club, or group that focuses on what you find interesting. There is always a way to find these through social media and they will also help to add some structure to your break.

The don'ts over the summer are mainly doing too much, losing sight of the fact that summer break is a break and should be at least used as one. Don’t overwork yourself in any capacity. Another big don’t is not doing anything. Get out and about during the summer. Involve yourself in something, get a local job if you can’t get an internship. Show that you’re still doing something over the break.

Keeping everything in your head is hard when you want to relax but it can be deceptively hard if your focusing too much on other stuff. Keep your notes from class and read over them, math, engineering, science classes, and many more all are iterative, so your previous homework is going to be still relevant even into the future. Read over your stuff, and look into your future courses. You can get your books earlier and google stuff to get ahead of the curve for your next class. Doing this will give you a head start on your next semester and help boost and maintain your grades in the subject.

Most importantly is to enjoy the summer break while not letting a lack of classes turn your schedule all around. Maintain yourself, your sanity, and importantly what you’ve learned

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