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How to Pack for Summer

For a majority of students at Tech, summer is a break, but the biggest hang ups can be how you go from dorm life, or apartment to home. This transition is hard, or rather the packing is, so here are some tips and tricks to packing.

Secure the valuables, first thing is first the stuff you need and the stuff that’s valuable need to go in first, computers, laptops, and calculators. Putting stuff around fragile items like clothing can go a long way to their longevity. Larger valuables like TV’s, microwaves, and fridges need to have a game plan, moving them out later or earlier can be a good call as a lot of people well be moving out at similar times. The fragile valuables need to have protection such as styrofoam or covers to keep screens and tv’s the like from a hard hit on the ground.

You also need to make sure you have room for your needs, unless you want to get a new toothbrush. You want to secure a place for this early on with your valuables. Smaller pockets are normally great for these things as they mostly don’t have a great size but can be awful if you lose them in transition or don’t have anywhere to put them.

Next you should fold your clothing in. Folding them doesn’t necessarily mean like in a store, formal wear needs to be taken care of first and then regular clothing. The regular clothing can be done in a variety of ways including folding and rolling them. Anyway to reduce the space they take up is great and worth the time investment.

Lastly you need to plan for what doesn’t fit, you can donate to the YMCA near campus, plan to take it later, leaving it here at Tech via storage units, or buy new bags and rent a small uhaul. Each has a perk to it, you can take the best route for you now knowing everything important is now on it’s way home.

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