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Getting Around Campus

Virginia Tech is quite a big campus. Being able to get around is important for being on time for your events, classes, clubs, or whatever else is keeping you busy. And thus, how you get around is equally important. Services like google maps are your friends with navigation but don’t tell you really what the best options are. Popular choices are riding the buses, driving, biking, or skateboarding. All of which are great options in respective situations, though lack effectiveness in others.

Busing from where you’re at to campus or around campus is overall a great option and the worst thing about it is the traffic the bus will run into during class intermissions or the wait to get on. Busing is great for large distances, but the shorter ones are best done on foot or bike. This is the strength in having a car as well. Virginia Tech doesn’t have the best situation in regards to convenient parking and wide roads but for larger distances, having a car works great, especially for grocery store runs, hiking, and going to the movies. Just pay attention to which parking lots you are allowed to park in and when they typically fill up.

Biking and skateboarding do wonders for getting around the spider web of walkways on campus. If walking between classes and Lee Hall is too long of a walk, biking and skateboarding is a quicker way to get around. This of course comes with having to get through the traffic of people walking between classes though and finding a place to store that bike or skateboard. You should also know how to get around all the stairs on campus. Lastly the slowest way of getting around is walking, great when not in a hurry, but awful if you are.

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