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Finals Season at Lee Hall

Things have started warming up around here. Everything’s green, and people are out relaxing and playing games on the quad. It’s starting to feel more and more like summer is on its way, but it’s not here just yet - first, our Galipatians will have to battle their way through final exams.

Finals are always a bit rough - they're incredibly significant to a student's grade, and while they aren't necessarily that much harder than standard exams, they tend to be a bit longer and almost always often have a bit more grading weight attached to them. Fortunately, Lee Hall - and the inVenTs community as a whole - can help out a little.

Students living in Lee Hall have access to not only the large lounge on the second floor, but also to the smaller lounges dotted about each floor and to Studio 2, a space designed with media centers to facilitate collaborative work. All of these are fantastic environments in which to cover material and study to make sure you're ready for finals.

Additionally, other students can be a great resource! The majority of you are taking similar classes, so feel free to form study groups and work on practice problems or go over older material. It's not just other Freshmen who might be of assistance though - your upper-class leaders, mentors, RAs, etc. will be able to provide some information about how they handled specific classes, or maybe share what kind of study strategies work for them. inVenTs is all about helping each other out, so there's no reason not to ask about anything you need help with - surely there will be another student with something to offer.

Finals may not be the easiest time of year, but they're the only thing standing between you and the end of the semester, and the rest of the inVenTs community is here for you - you'll all do great!

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