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End of Year Wrap-up

In a few short weeks, the 2019 Spring semester will be over, and with it comes relaxation and summertime fun. Now is the time to start making move-out plans to make leaving Blacksburg quick and easy, as well as get familiar with some things that happen on campus at the end of the semester. Looking at your exam schedule on Hokie Spa is a great place to start when making move-out plans; however, you should verify all the exam dates listed with the professor of that course to make sure they are valid.

Obviously, your departure date depends on the last exam you must take, but that does not mean you cannot start packing in advance. Items not being used daily are prime candidates for being boxed or bagged up. For me, a lot of these things reside in my desk, closet, the storage area above my closet, and within my dresser, such as clothes. A lot of these things can be packed at least a day before moving out, making the actual move out strictly about moving and not about sorting. To make this process even more seamless, one could load the car they are taking back the day before moving out, so all they would have to carry out the next day would be essentials.

One thing some people may not be aware is that your meal plan does NOT rollover to the next semester, which means it is to your benefit to use all remaining funds on it over the next few weeks. A cool thing the university starts doing about two or three weeks before the end of the semester is selling in bulk, because they are losing around 30,000 mouths to feed and do not want to be stuck with excess food. What I mean by selling in bulk is selling cases of items rather than just individual items, such as candy and soda. This is a great way to burn funds as well as build up a nice junk food stash. If you can’t spend all of your funds, you can donate the excess to the SAE Flex Out Hunger.

Have a great rest of the semester and good luck!

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