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Intramural Sports

One super fun aspect of college life is intramural sports! VT Rec Sports offers flag football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, water polo, softball, ultimate frisbee, wallyball and more. You can join an all-men, all-women, or co-rec league. These are further split into competitive leagues and recreational leagues. The rec leagues are more for fun, and are typically utilized by people who are unfamiliar with the sport they choose to do, or don’t care too much about scores. Greek Life and people who are more familiar with certain sports will typically enter competitive leagues, which have a few games followed by a postseason elimination round of games leading up to a championship for that league.

If the sport you are interested in requires equipment, rec sports will usually provide equipment for you to use during the games, so you aren’t required to have any previous experience or need to purchase anything (except your membership). Intramural sports are offered year round, and the only cost is a $20 fee for the entire year to play on as many teams as you want, as long as they aren’t the same type (for example, you cannot play on two competitive co-rec soccer teams).

In my personal experience, it’s a great bonding experience with your friends. I participated in co-rec recreational flag football in the fall (we were undefeated!), and I am currently on a co-rec competitive softball team for this spring (so far undefeated!). Both teams were with the same group of people, and we’ve managed to become closer in bonding over athleticism and being mediocre at sports during our practices and games. I highly recommend getting a group of friends together and forming a team next fall, it’s a lot of fun and a great way to stay healthy, active, and involved at Virginia Tech.

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