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College is a lot different from high school, and one major difference that I noticed my first year was availability of professors. A high school teacher was usually able to stay after school, which was a common time that all students usually had, unless they have extra-curriculars. College differs in the fact that professors don’t always have time to talk right after class, or might not be available during the times most convenient to students.

Office hours are very unique and differ from professor to professor. It can be challenging to find a time to talk to a certain professor when you are balancing other classes and workloads, perhaps a job, and other activities that you do. It is critical to utilize those hours that your professor is available, because it can make all of the difference in the world. Last spring, I had a professor round up my grade from a B to an A just because we had a really good conversation during office hours; I reached out for help and they were willing to see that I succeeded. This made a huge impact on me and helped me realize how important it is to make connections, especially when most students don’t.

If you happen to be struggling in a class and might be intimidated by going to your professor and/or TAs, the Academic Committee right here within Galipatia offers office hours as well. They can assist you with homework in most general engineering classes, and they might be available when your professor or TAs are not. These special office hours take place in Studio 2, so you don’t even need to leave Lee Hall to go for help. Some specific offerings include Linear Mondays, Physics Wednesdays, and Chemistry/Calculus Thursdays. For other times when Galipatia academic support is offered, visit the studio 2 calendar:

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