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Stay Healthy

Hey Galipatians! I hope your semester is going well so far. While you continue to study and work hard towards completing the semester on top, make sure you also continue to take care of yourself. Recently, we have had students come down with the flu or flu-like symptoms, so these tips should help to minimize the risk of catching anything.

Get Vaccinated

It is not too late to get vaccinated. If you go to Schiffert Health Center, located across from McComas Gym, they can instruct you on how to get vaccinated. This is very important as it will greatly lessen your chance of catching the flu.

Wash your hands

Please wash your hands as often as possible. As a student living on a huge college campus, germs are all over the place, and sick people touch many things around you. It is important that you constantly wash your hands, or at the least use hand sanitizer, especially before touching your face. Also, try to avoid your ill friends if you can, you do not want them to spread their sickness to you.

Get your rest

Make sure that you are also getting good sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to being sick also, so please SLEEP, SLEEP, and SLEEP. Do not let the books tempt you into pulling an all-nighter. Just try your best to get a good 7-8 hours of sleep per night.

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