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Welcome Back to Lee Hall!

Welcome Back, Galipatians!

While the long winter break was refreshing for everyone here, It’s time to get back on track and keep on working towards that degree! The temperatures are cold, and all of our first classes are over - but where the whole campus used to be more or less unfamiliar, most of our Galipatians have come to recognize Virginia Tech as home.

While most things are the same - same old residence hall, same old food, same old friends - there are a good few things that are different this time around. For starters, the Galileo and Hypatia seminars no longer meet every week - or at all, actually. Of course, students will still need to ensure they meet the required service hours and event attendance. Some of the required events will have changed, however. Instead of two academic support and professional development events, students will be required to attend three events in each of those categories.

This Semester though, something else will be here as a wonderful means for students to get service hours and help out members of the Blacksburg Community. The Big Event is just that - a huge organized event that Virginia Tech runs every year in which students team up to complete service projects and make all of Blacksburg a better place to live in. There will be some more specifics on that when we get closer to it.

Additionally, the Mentoring program is over. While it ended a few weeks prior to the end of the fall semester, those meetings don’t exist at all in the spring. Of course, students can still talk to their mentors - but without the structure of the program there is a little bit more freedom and independence in the Spring semester than in the Fall.

While the long break may have left us unused to the usual workload, we should all be able to get back on track and make this semester a huge success. Stay focused, stay organized, and have fun!

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