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Little-Known Library Resources

Folks, college is expensive. While you are here, you might as well make the most of the plethora of resources you pay for at Virginia Tech! Some of the lesser-known resources are through our libraries. Sure, libraries have books and databases, but did you know they also have multiple creative studio spaces, language-learning software, free online certification classes, and more? Don’t miss out on these valuable resources! Library Studio Spaces

There are many studio spaces in Newman library for a multitude of academic and creative purposes. The 3D Design studio provides 3D printers as well as 3D design consultation for any 3D needs, regardless of your skill level or previous experience. The Data Visualization Studio provides advice with data vis, including software training and workshops. They will help you learn to impress your professor or research advisor with beautifully-displayed data, one of the most important skills in the workplace today. The Media Design studio includes audio and visual equipment, including sound booths, and staff to help you figure it all out. The Virtual Environments studio provides virtual reality equipment to test or explore, even without prior experience or your own VR project environment.

You can also request a tour of all the library studios through this link:

Online Resources

The library also has access to some cool online resources. VT Libraries has an account with, so if you are interested in searching for your family history but aren’t willing to drop the $ on a DNA test, you can do that from the library website! The link is under the mouse-over heading “Resources”. Want to learn that new language for your RSAP trip? The library also has a subscription with Rosetta Stone. You can log in with your PID to have access to your own Rosetta Stone profile.

Through the Virginia Tech Library, every Virginia Tech student has access to, an online learning platform from LinkedIn with classes in everything from computer languages to 3D animation to music theory to photography! This is one of the most valuable and diverse resources out there. I’d also advise taking note of the skills that recruiters ask about at career fairs and seeing if some of those are on For example, if a recruiter asks if you have GIS experience, you can get that experience with Take some classes in your free time to expand your resume, acquire a valuable skill, or just learn something new for fun.

Don’t miss out on these valuable resources for which you are paying a lot of money! Explore the library website and learn something new this new year.

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