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Virginia Tech has a few things that can sometimes be overlooked by students, one of these is a radio station broadcasting from here on campus. 90.7FM is the frequency for Virginia Tech's own radio station, WUVT, coming from Squires and broadcast all throughout the New River Valley region. This station started officially in 1969 and is one of the longest running radio stations in Virginia. Though it’s true origin was a student created AM transmitter from a dorm room in 1948, that was taken in to be a student media organization and a division of the Educational Media Company at Virginia Tech. You can also access all things WUVT through it’s website providing a stream, it’s broadcast schedule, a contact page, and a store page.

WUVT at any time can be heard playing music, news, sports and public affairs programming. The radio station has a long list of DJ’s all with their own style and flair presented over the airways to students. The news is on Monday through Friday at 5pm. The news presented is a sports update, weather, and three news events covered by the news team at WUVT. A member of the news team, Alex Krens, covers every other Thursday broadcast had this to say on the news event inspirations. “I use a variety of local news sources to find the stories I cover.”

And she had this to say about the team of WUVT, “Each team has a very specific focus, and that’s great to get experience in that specific field. For example we have a news team, sales, and the FFM DJ’s. Some groups that I think would be of specific interest to Galipatia would be the IT and Engineering groups.” IT and Engineering groups server to take care of the website, hardware, and servers. Ways of contacting WUVT staff are through their website, email their general manager at, call 540-231-9880 (between 10am-5pm weekdays), or visit their studio at Squires room 350.

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