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Staying Healthy

At this point in the semester, college may be starting to feel more like a long slog than an exciting new adventure. This is also the time when the due dates of term papers and semester projects start to get a little too close for comfort, meaning long hours in your dorm or the library trying to keep on top of all your assignments. One thing that typically suffers because of all these things is health, both mental and physical. In this blog, I would like to talk about some ways to try and alleviate stress as well as get some exercise occasionally.

The degradation of mental health can be attributed to mainly stress, at least in college. You need to work longer and longer, causing you to have less free time and less social interaction, both of which usually help get your mind of school and homework. You will get burnt out quick if you cannot de-stress enough. One way to help get your mind of coursework is to force yourself into taking breaks, and no, I do not mean 1-2-hour YouTube procrastination binge, I mean going outside and taking a walk, or at least doing something that will change your surroundings. Another thing that might be helpful is to set a deadline prior to the actual deadline of an assignment; this can help get you ahead as well as give you some leeway in case something comes up.

Our physical health usually starts going down hill during this part of the semester since we are spending all our time sitting and working, only getting up to go to class or get food. There are a few things you can do to try and keep your physical health in check, the first of which is make smart choices. There is NOTHING that has any nutritional value at DX, besides the pre-packaged salads and yogurt, but who wants to have that when those delicious chicken tenders are staring you down. Try to go to dining halls that offer more variety, like D2, Owens, or West End, so you are less likely to eat unhealthy foods. Another way to care for your health is to create and maintain a weekly exercise routine that you are committed to. Missing a day here or there because of classwork is fine if you intend to stick with it.

To make a long blog short, classes are important, but so is your health, don’t neglect it.

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