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Winter Weather Prep

Winter is upon us, and that means cold weather, snow, and lots and lots of salt, so let’s talk about some ways we can prepare over Thanksgiving and Winter break and get through until April.

When everyone got to Lee in August, they were probably sweating constantly and wearing the lightest clothing possible. Now the tables have turned and there is no such thing as too many layers. This sudden temperature change can catch a lot of people off guard, especially because the weather is usually the last thing on a college student’s mind; they are focused on school supplies and textbooks rather than what the future holds with regards to weather.

I want to talk about what the Blacksburg winter is like and what supplies would be good to have. The winter in Blacksburg can at times be vicious, mainly because of the constant low temperatures and gusts of wind; the combination of these two can make your walk to class very uncomfortable, which is why you should make sure that you have something to cover the majority of your face, your ears, and the top of your head, to prevent what feels like frostbite from happening.

The snowfall that the New River Valley Region gets differs each year. It could be little to nothing or over a foot, however, you should prepare for the worst. Having a pair of boots and lots of thick socks can make the whole winter experience more comfortable, mainly because you would not have to worry about having to maneuver in the snow while only wearing tennis shoes or sneakers.

The last big change to happen during the winter is the constant presence of salt. In the months of January, February, and March, you can expect the sidewalks and roads to be constantly coated with salt. This is ultimately a good thing because it keeps ice from forming and snow from accumulating, however, you will constantly be tracking it in to your dorm room. Make sure you have cleaning supplies to deal with all the dried-on salt, or better yet, some sort of mat to store your footwear on so salt does not get tracked in at all.

At certain points, it will seem like winter will never end, but trust me, soon we will all be sweating through our shirts and wishing it was cold again.

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