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Communication Apps

Communicating is essential in a career and here at campus, of course email, texting, and calling will all work. Though for class projects or other teams sometimes it helps to us certain other communication applications. Widely used ones on campus normal are, Skype, Groupme, Slack, and Discord. Here are the ins and outs of each of these applications so that you know which one is the right one for you and what each can do.


Skype is the jack of all trades though the master of none and is sometimes overshadowed by discords fancy addition of features, though it can do one thing others can’t, be that jack of all trades. It can host calls, facilitate texts, and can share images easily. It can also handle group calls and you can utilize your camera while doing so. Though sadly Skype can have spotty connection and it doesn’t establish well that there are administrator positions in a group that have more control than other users.


Groupme is a powerful texting application and anyone can make an account tying their phone number to one. It’s the second application owned by Microsoft on this list, the other is Skype. It’s strength is in its simplicity, it allows you to text over it’s services in groups or directly over the internet and hosting pictures. Though it’s simplicity is it’s downside as there are no ‘admins’ of a Groupme group thus anyone can kick anyone. Overall great for quick groups and small projects for coordination.


Slack and Discord are both server based systems that allow a group to work together on it’s systems. It hosts threads for text messaging and you can call. It’s great for large groups and has admins to control the flow of the group, maintaining a system where folks can’t freely kick others. Both of these, Slack and Discord, are great for large groups that are together on large projects but can be rather unnecessary in scope for small groups.

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