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Humans of Galipatia: Me!

Ya know who’s a super fun person in Galipatia? ME! I’m only slightly kidding. But seriously, here is an interview with myself!

What is your favorite part about Galipatia?

I thoroughly enjoy the aspect of networking that the community provides ample opportunity. During my first year in Hypatia, I thought it was amazing to be surrounded by like-minded people. Many of my friends from high school are now liberal arts majors or other such things, and so I didn’t know many other people interested in engineering. In my first semester, I was very thankful for other people in the community and on my hall taking the same classes.

What do you love about engineering?

My major is civil engineering, and my parents are both civil engineers who graduated from Virginia Tech. I grew up not exactly knowing what they did, but after taking some interesting STEM courses in high school, I realized that engineering was what I wanted to do. After exploring different engineering majors, I decided that civil was absolutely for me, and in-major classes are very fulfilling because I am learning skills that will be applicable in my field. I was always told being good at math and science would make me an engineer, but it takes an equal amount of passion for what you do in order to be successful.

What do you like to do for fun?

When I have free time (which is almost never) I like to read books and hammock around the Drillfield. Outside of classes, I am a member of ASCE (the American Society of Civil Engineers), I am the general secretary for Tau Beta Sigma, the National Honorary Band Sorority, I play alto saxophone in the Marching Virginians, and I am a mentor and communications committee member in the Galipatia Living Learning Community.

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