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History of Galipatia Part 2

As the Hypatia program grew, it became apparent that more opportunities were needed in order to expand upon the great results the program had already received. One of these opportunities was the second-year leadership program. In 2004, a group of students approached Dr. Watford because they wanted to remain in Hypatia for their second year. Dr. Watford’s response was a simple “Why?”. So the group drew up a proposal for a second-year mentorship program, as well as a seminar class for the freshmen. The proposal was grounded in research regarding the theory, methodology, and evaluation of college transition programs for first-year students. The work done by these students is still evident in the mentorship and seminar program that all Galipatians participate in today.

Another addition to the community came shortly thereafter in 2005, the Galileo program. Almost as quickly as it began, Galileo began showing some of the same improved retention rates as Hypatia had when it first began. The efforts of both groups were eventually combined into one, coined “Galipatia,” in which upperclassmen committees for academic, social, outreach, and professional development events worked together. Furthermore, in 2012, the Curie and DaVinci College of Science living-learning communities joined Galipatia in Lee Hall. This consolidated four different STEM-based living-learning communities and encouraged interdisciplinary collaboration. These four communities were then known as the InVenTs Learning Community.

One of the most exciting opportunities came from an almost two million dollar National Science Foundation grant to the InVenTs community. This provided the funds to create the Studio 1 InVenTs makerspace. This space is unique and invaluable to first-year engineers. Power tools, 3D printers, a laser cutter, CNC router, and more provide opportunities for freshmen to experience hands-on learning. Furthermore, the upperclassmen community provides training on all of these resources as well as CAD design and other computer applications. All of these opportunities demonstrate the motivation and capacity for teamwork of Galipatia’s wonderful students, who continue to move the program forward today.

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