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Fun Things to Do On Campus

There are so many fun things to do on campus! With a variety of activities offered here at VT, you will never spend another night down a Netflix rabbit hole… unless of course you want to.

If you didn’t know about the BreakZone before, now you do! Located in the bottom floor of Squires, BreakZone offers cheap on-campus bowling alleys, foosball, and pool! You can play with up to about six people in the bowling lanes and there are multiple bowling lanes, so even large groups can enjoy playing together. Each game costs less than five dollars per person and you can pay with your HokieP, so it’s an affordable and fun way to have a night out!

Other fun things on campus are the group exercise classes available at McComas and War Memorial Gyms! Some classes offered to us are Zumba, Yoga, Power Yoga, Pilates, BodyPump, and Cycling. These classes are a lot of fun to attend with friends. They are free during the first week of each semester, but after that, the group exercise pass is required. You can get it for only $85 for the entire year with access to every group exercise class—that’s a steal! Students are also allowed one “free pass” during the semester after free week, so if you’re hesitant about buying the pass and didn’t attend any classes during free week, then you can use that to see what it’s all about!

Campus organizations are also fun things to get involved in! There are so many clubs and societies you can join, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when choosing which ones to be an active member of! Since GobblerFest was this past Friday, the clubs you signed up for will start to have their first meetings for new members this week. I recommend going to every club meeting you signed up for that you can go to. It’s worthwhile to explore everything you’re interested in so you can then narrow down what you want to be involved in. It’s entirely doable to be involved in design teams, multiple clubs, and still be able to do all of your homework and attend classes, but it’s not recommended. Make sure you have some free time to breathe and spend time with your friends.

No matter what you choose to do with your time on campus, you will enjoy spending time as an on-campus resident and as a Hokie.

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