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First Week Activities at the InVenTs Studio

Hello Galipatians!

In the interest of ensuring that all our freshmen understand Studio 1 and the way things work there, the Studio Committee organized a set of “First-Week Activities.” By participating in these, our new students can learn about the different tools and supplies available for use in Studio 1, get to know some members of the Studio Committee, and make something cool that they can take back home once they finish.

Three activities were available throughout the last week:

Pencil Cups

Our new Galipatians got to do a little bit of basic woodworking, using some small slabs of wood and a laser-cut base to assemble a cup that they can use to hold various writing implements. This simple introductory project shows off some of the supplies that are available for use, as well as an application of our laser cutter.

Photo Boards

Students were able to make their own padded fabric photo board to mount on a wall and display any photos they brought from home or captured here at Tech. String, fabric, and ribbon, in Virginia Tech colors, were fastened to a board through the use of a staple gun.

High Speed Camera

Finally, a high-speed camera was available for use, just to play around with how this type of equipment works and to gain familiarity with some of this type of measurement technology and software. Similar gear is used by a couple of design teams, and high-speed footage is just plain fun to work with!

While these events may be over, anyone in Lee Hall is free to drop by the Studio to check out what’s available, or to work on a project of their own design. Most of the power tools and equipment in Studio 1 require special training, so keep an eye on the InVenTs Canvas site so you can sign up to be trained on the equipment you want to use. The Studio is open from 4:00 PM to 9:00pm Monday to Friday, and from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM on weekends. I hope to see you there sometime!

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