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Running Club

Justin is a sophomore in Engineering Science and Mechanics (ESM) and has been doing running club since his first semester here. Several times a week, him and a fairly large group of people run different routes here in Blacksburg. It may take a couple hours out of his week, and even more hours since he's part of the leadership, but he loves it.

"I really enjoy running club because it's about more than just the running. No matter your skill level. there's someone to run with and the community is really great. We always grab dinner after practice and have a ton of fun together."

Running is good not only for the exercise but it can also clear your head and help improve your performance in school. You also become part of a tight knit community. Justin's favorite part about running club is the volunteer work that they do.

"We volunteer at Harding Elementary's running club and the group that goes is hilarious. As someone who enjoys letting out their inner five year old, leading a kickball game and interacting with the kids is amazing!"

You don't have to be committed exclusively and put all your time into running club so people are able to come every couple of practices and still keep up with their friends. Join running club!

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