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Jake Hargrove is a freshman with intentions to become a computer engineer. When he’s not studying or being a pro fortnite player, he likes to barbecue with friends. A few times every month, he will gather his friends and drive to Kroger to buy steaks, hamburgers, dogs, buns, and vegetables for a feast. Then he’ll take a few hours to prepare the food with spices and seasonings. Jake is famous for his love of thyme and smoked paprika. Afterwards, the grilling begins. It’s like a dream where Jake is the father grilling for his family blasting some vibey rock music on a brisk sunny day.

Jake got his love of grilling from his mentor, Jared Arkfeld. He had attended an event that Jared Arkfeld and I hosted with all our mentees loved the vibe. Jake says “Through grilling we can create good food, good times, good friends, and good memories. Engineering may be hard and it’s a lot of math and science but at the end of the day, if you’re not grilling then what are you really doing?” Grilling takes a decent amount of time to do so it’s not a frequent occurrence but if you’re able to make time for it occasionally, it’s a great hobby to have and will be a lifelong friend.

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