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Academic Committee

There are six committees in Galipatia, one of which is the Academic Committee. Just like all the other committees, it is led and organized by upper-class leaders and open to all Galipatia members. Galipatia fosters an atmosphere of academic success by offering many peer mentoring and support programs. Due to this atmosphere of success and fellowship the retention rate of students who continue to a second year of engineering is higher among Galipatia students compared to other first year engineering students.

Some of the academic aid sessions include: help with homework, test review sessions, and other academic events. Homework help sessions occur Monday through Friday in the Lee Hall studio while the test review sessions are held before every standard freshman engineering class in various locations on campus. These review sessions are extremely helpful since they are hosted by students who are familiar with the engineering course curriculum and have the student point of view.

In addition to providing academic help, the committee also organizes several informative events throughout the year which are not related to study or review. These events are meant to share information with freshman, including tours of various labs, tours of dining halls, and familiarizing students with Blacksburg Transit. Many of them are also held in Lee Hall, namely coffee tasting, cooking and baking events in the kitchen, or workshops on time management and organization which are often held in the second floor lounge.

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