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A Passion for Plants

Christina Watt is a freshman in engineering who has a passion for plants! She loves growing plants and gardening!

Interviewer: “Why do you enjoying growing plants?”

Christina: “I love the process of watching something grow and being responsible for it. The end result is always super satisfying and super pretty!”

Interviewer: “What got you into the hobby?”

Christina: “Growing up my mom always had a garden so I learned a lot from her and when I came to college the first thing I wanted to get for my dorm was a plant.”

Interviewer: “How does this relate to you as an engineering student?”

Christina: “Engineering is really math and science oriented and it can be stressful at times but horticulture is relaxing and calms me down. When I look at flowers or a leafy plant it makes me happy and I find it relaxing. It’s important for me to have something I enjoy doing aside from engineering otherwise I would probably lose my mind doing calculus problems all the time.”

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