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The Galipatian Station

The Galipatian Station (more informally referred to as While You Pee in Lee) is a weekly newsletter posted in the bathroom stalls of the Galipatia community. Each issue has three articles written by the sophomores that make up the Communications Committee.

In the words of one member of the Communications Committee: “I really love being able to write these articles! It’s always exciting to be able to reach out to everyone in the community. A couple of times, people would come up to me and tell me that they read my article. Coming up with ideas for articles is a fun challenge.”

Previous articles have focused on topics including:

  • Events in town that weekend

  • Movie reviews

  • Test studying tips

  • Move-in tips

  • Information about the author’s major

  • Best board and video games for college

  • Staying healthy in college

  • Hackathons

  • Bitcoin

  • Information about the winter semester

  • Information about taking summer classes through community colleges

  • Interesting classes being offered next semester

  • Fun places to eat off campus

  • Dorm recipes

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