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The Pancake Guy

Galipatia is a special and unique community because of the students within it. Many students have a goal set for when they first come to college, for some it is to study better or to develop new technical skills. For freshman Nick Bedard, his goal was to meet others in the community and try to be less introverted. While Galipatia offers numerous ways to interact and meet others in the community through committee events, GroupMe chats, Facebook pages and weekly seminar classes, Nick created his own method of meeting people. Every Sunday morning in the second-floor lounge, Nick has been making pancakes for the students of Lee Hall.

Known as the Pancake Guy, Nick created a unique and simple way to meet people through the common interest of Sunday morning pancakes. Many students usually go to dining halls like D2 or Westend for brunch, but why bother going when you can get delicious pancakes without even having to leave the comfort of Lee Hall? Since the second week of school, students have been coming to the lounge to “order” their pancakes and socialize. Orders are placed through sticky notes which are then placed on the wall. At peak hours, they serve between 100-150 students and on average, they cook over 250 pancakes each Sunday.

This is just another example of how the Lee Hall community stands out at Virginia Tech.

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