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Slush Rush

Every Friday throughout the year, Galipatia invites various professors from around the university to come join Lee Hall students in an activity called Slush Rush.

So what is Slush Rush? Slush Rush, as its name might indicate, is a casual networking event based around professors and students enjoying slushies together. The professors invited to each Slush Rush event come from a variety of different engineering majors and research backgrounds.

Each session begins with the professors introducing themselves, their projects, and their research, and then they scatter around the room. Galipatia students interested in their work can then meet and ask questions freely to those professors.

The Slush Rush event takes place in the second floor lounge of Lee Hall, making it very convenient for students to attend. The event lasts for an hour, but students may leave after they wrap up their conversations.

Some professors who have previously attended Slush Rush events include:

  • Denis Gracanin, Associate Professor, CS, Human-Computer Interaction

  • Rolf Mueller, Associate Professor, ME, bioinspired science and technology

  • Robert Hendricks, MSE corrosion research; physical metallurgy; energy

  • Stephanie Plum, Program Coordinator, HUME Center, electronic systems lab, information systems lab, and aerospace systems lab

  • Kurt Luther, Assistant Professor, CS, Human-computer interaction, crowdsourcing, social computing

  • Andrew Kemper, Assistant Professor, BEAM, Injury Biomechanics

  • Vassilis Kekatos, ECE, Smart electric grids

  • Ashley Johnson, Construction, Construction Engineering & Management

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