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The inVenTs Rocketry Team

The inVenT’s Rocketry Team consists of about 30 members from all different majors such as mechanical, computer and even a chemical engineer. The team is divided into 3 sub teams. The first sub team is the aero team who works on the build and the aerodynamics of the rocket. The second team is the mechanical team and they work on the payload and other components such as the drag system. The third team is the electrical team and they work on data logging, controlling the rocket and the control system. The team even has an outreach program where they go out into the community and educate younger kids about rocketry.

The goal of the inVenT’s Rocketry Team is to build and launch a high-powered rocket which must compete in the Space Grant Midwest High-Power Rocketry Competition. This competition takes place in Minnesota at the end of May. The team road trips out there to compete against other teams from the Midwest (even though we aren’t from the Midwest). During the competition, the team must launch their rocket twice. The first time they launch the rocket with a high-power motor and the second time they launch the rocket with a motor that has twice the thrust while still reaching the same height as the previous launch. The team is currently working hard on building and perfecting their rocket.

Andrew Farley, a sophomore, is the team captain and he leads the whole team. His favorite experience from being on the team is going to Minnesota because it was a road trip and everyone really bonded and became great friends. During the trip, they also went to several museums and explored the area. During the trip, they spend a lot of time building the rocket. They had to build it in tough conditions since they were in Minnesota and it was cold. The competition was challenging, but everyone still had a lot of fun. At the competition last year, the team came in 5th overall. The team will be testing in a few days, and if all goes well, they will be ready for Minnesota.

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