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inVenTs Studio

Here, in Lee Hall, we have two invents Studios which are located on the second floor right across from each other. The first studio, Studio 1, is more of a workshop. There are all kinds of machines such as 3-D printers and CNC laser cutters, as well as CAD work stations. There are also many different types of hand and power tools. This studio has tables and work benches throughout the room and white boards on the walls. This is a great place to work on group projects that require a physical product by the end because almost any tool you will need to build your product can be found in this room. You can find small things such as duct tape, glue guns, and even rubber bands there. It makes working in groups so much easier because you don’t have to worry about finding a way to get to the store to buy what you need, which can be difficult and inconvenient when you don’t have a car. Almost everything you need can be found in this studio.

The second studio, Studio 2, is the perfect place to work on assignments that don’t involve building a physical object. This room has moveable chairs with table tops on them. The table tops move and the chairs spin, making it easy to move around and work with team members. Like Studio 1, Studio 2 also has giant whiteboards on the walls, which allows student to work out problems in front of others so they can work together and figure out the answer. This studio also has a huge monitor that students can plug their computer into so everyone in their group can easily see the screen they are doing all their work on.

Throughout the school year, both studios host a myriad of activities. In Studio 1, there are often training sessions so students can learn to use the equipment, allowing them to be able to use the equipment without supervision. In the beginning of each semester, the studio will host activities which take about 15-30 minutes to complete. Some of these activities include laser cutting name tags or making earrings and all the supplies are provided. In Studio 2, upperclassmen academic committee will host academic hours. These are similar to office hours held by professors and TAs. The best part is that you don’t have to leave the building to get the help you need. The members hosting the hours will let you know what subjects they can help with. If you need help with a subject one member is knowledgeable on, you can go to the studio and they can help you. These members have taken most of the same classes that you are, so there is a very good chance they can help you. Having these studios in Lee Hall are very helpful and a great tool for freshman to use. Take advantage of it.

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