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Theaters around Virginia Tech

It’s impossible to go all 4 years, and in some cases longer, without going to see a movie. Here are three of the best movie theaters in the area.

Lyric Theater

The Lyric shows fewer films then the other two theaters due to its small size, though it makes up for that with its stylish deals and great location close to campus. The theater shows a mix of movies from lesser known movies, Oscar winners, and childhood throwbacks. There’s a great selection of movies and most have a very strong presence that can really strike a cord.

The Lyric gives out free popcorn with Monday showings, and occasionally offers free movie tickets with the purchase of a meal at a partnering downtown restaurant. Deals like this make it a great option for just a fun outing and movie going experience. The Lyric is simply just a walk away from campus making it a great choice any day of the week.

Frank Theatres

Frank Theatres Cinebowl and Grille features a variety of things to do, including movies, bowling, and arcade games. It even has a restaurant with a bar, featuring live music and DJ’s on Fridays and Saturdays. Franks own Xtreme Screen, and FDX and offers films in IMAX.. In addition to the wide variety of films, they offer some great weekly specials such as $1 bowling and shoes on Mondays from 8pm. The theater is the second closest of the three theaters. You can get there with the BT Bus System, on the Two Town Trolley or the Main Street South buses.

Regal Cinema

Regal Cinema, located in Christiansburg, is a great cinema and has all the amenities one is used to from a chain like Regal. They host promotions and sweepstakes, and one can join the Regal Crown Club for better frequent viewings. They have Regal Premium Experience (RPX), ScreenX, 4DX, and IMAX auditoriums. Overall, it is a great option for viewing films. To reach the cinema you need to take the Two Town Trolley (TTT) bus and ride to the New River Valley Mall. Be sure to check the bus schedule ahead of time as the bus only runs once an hour and stops running earlier than other routes.

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