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Study Spaces Inside and Out of Lee Hall

We’re about halfway through the school year, so most of you already know the prime study spots on campus, but in case you missed a few, here’s an itemized list of places inside and out of Lee Hall to study.

First off is the study lounges. There are social lounges and study lounges on each floor of Lee Hall. The social lounges might be noisy, but if you want to study with a group, they’re a practical use of space. The study lounges are supposed to provide a quiet atmosphere for studying alone. The tables in each lounge are sizable and compare to the tables at the library. These are prime places to study, especially if you don’t want to leave the dorm because of the cold temperatures outside. There’s also the second floor lounge, located on, you guessed it!, the second floor of Lee Hall. This is the largest study lounge in the building, and is often loud with students working in groups, and sometimes leaders hosting events.

Another study space you may or may not know of is Studio 2 on the second floor of Lee Hall. This space provides wipe boards, large tables, and upperclass leaders that are willing to help out with your schoolwork. This is a resource that’s unique to Lee Hall, so it’s smart to take advantage of it during your freshman year!

Outside of Lee Hall you will find a study space in just about every building on campus. There are the benches outside of the large chemistry lecture hall in Davidson, the tables in the Johnston Student Center, all floors of Newman library, the bottom floor of Hancock, the empty classrooms in McBryde, Torgerson Bridge, secluded rooms and tables next to the windows in New Classroom Building, Pamplin, and Duck Pond if you can bear the brisk fall air.

Happy studying!

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