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Apps of VT

One big thing you can do to make your time at Virginia Tech a lot easier is to make the information you need easier to get. And, nothing is easier then opening an app on your phone and having all the answers you need at the touch of your fingers. Virginia Tech has its fair share of apps you can get for your respective phones but the top apps truly are: Canvas Student, Hokie Mobile, Hokie Dining, and Tapingo.

Canvas Student

The Canvas app allows you to check in on all your canvas needs without signing you out of canvas ever or making you go through your phone's browser to have all the buttons either to small or unreadable. It has all all the ease of access features you need such as notifications for due assignments or comments sent through canvas and calendar features. Using Android phones you can even place widgets from the app such as a calendar of events and due dates onto the home page for your phone.

Hokie Mobile

The Hokie Mobile app lets you get an easy map of the university, access events, see your courses, check Virginia Tech news, your balance, and a lot more. This app is a one stop for all things, though it requires more time to use than the rest. The application requires constantly signing in for each of its features. Though providing such a wealth of options gives you a one place stop for most of your needs from a button to download the LiveSafe app endorsed by Virginia Tech on your type of phone to parking services.

Hokie Dining

The Dining application gives you all the information about dining on campus you’ll need for all of your time here. It has everything from hours open each day to menus with calories of each item they’re serving. The application allows you to find which items are guaranteed to be vegetarian and vegan as well as including a list of what’s in the foods for individuals with allergies. Conventely it also has serving size for the foods that the dining halls provide.


Tapingo is the best application to get to avoid lines for food here at Virginia Tech. Allowing you to search through a list of at least 20+ of our specific vendors and customizing your order. It helps skip the lines and makes getting your food just a bit easier. And, while there is a small fee with getting your food through this service it is well worth it.

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