Frequently Asked QUestions



About Galipatia

Why should I do Galipatia?

What do you do in the first-year Galipatia class? 

What are committees / upper-class leaders?

What are mentors?

Do I have to commit to live there for two years?


What is the building layout? Which floors are Hypatia / Galileo?

How do coed floors work?

Can I choose my roommate? / How do I choose my roommate?

How big are the rooms in Hoge Hall? What furniture is included in them?

What common areas are in the dorm?

What are the studios? How do I use them?

Does it cost extra to live in Hoge Hall?

What should I bring to college?

What am I not allowed to bring?

Campus Life

Will I be isolated from other campus experiences and Non Galipatia students if I live in Hoge Hall?  

I also like a lot of non-engineering hobbies. Will I have anything in common with other Galipatia students?

*Periodically Updated 

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