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Design competition

The Studio Design Competition Committee is dedicated to developing difficult design challenges that our Hypatia and Galileo members can participate in. These challenges vary greatly, ranging from creating an extensive T-Rex arm prosthetic to building sumo bots to designing and implementing a process to separate a slurry into individual components! The challenges capture the interest of all engineering majors and encourage teamwork and dedication. They also function as hands-on activities that compliment the trainings that the Studio Training Committee provide.


Each challenge can range from a day to a few months, depending on its details and complexity. Prizes are typically awarded at the end of each challenge for accomplishing various goals, whether it be winning a design-beauty contest or building the most effective tool to handle the task at hand. Prizes can be anything from sleek, laser-engraved water bottles to Bluetooth speakers to even DVDs of Bob Ross! Additionally, for the longer and more intense challenges, companies and professors may be invited to judge, giving students exposure to these useful networks.


There is no shortage of challenge and fun during these events, and we encourage everyone in the community to participate in them at some point. Not only are they good for building teamwork and communication skills, but also technical skills of varying complexity. You can use these skills on your résumé and in job interviews to really make the most out of your time in Galipatia! We hope to see you soon!

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