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Meet The Staff

This is our team of graduate students who manage Studio 1 & 2 in HOGe Hall. They work alongside the Galipatia Leadership Team to create a safe and constructive makerspace for all lee hall students.


Kiran is a graduate student at Virginia Tech, working towards an M.Eng. in Industrial and Systems Engineering with a focus in Human-Computer Interaction. She has a B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering with a minor in Psychology. She works on the inVents Studio team as the Design Challenge GTA, and you can find her on Wednesday nights in Studio 1! 


She was recently selected as the 2019 Outstanding Senior for the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech. Her primary interests include augmented and virtual reality user experience research and design. Having traveled to over 15 countries, she enjoys learning about different cultures and design perspectives. Kiran is curious, passionate, and driven to better the world through interactive and intuitive design.  

Kiran Bagalkotkar

Industrial Systems Engineering


Alex Fuge

Mechanical Engineering

Callie Zawaski
Mechanical Engineering

Jarek Frankovich

Business Administration - Business Analytics

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