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Welcome to the

Galipatia community





The Hypatia and Galileo (Galipatia) Residential Community provides a  living-learning space for engineering students interested in exploring their ability to envision, create and transform ideas into action.

Hoge Hall features spaces dedicated to support discovery and creative activities of the students. The two communities are Hypatia for female engineers and Galileo for male engineers. Together, students from all engineering disciplines can interact and learn together, fueling their imaginations to design, create, and invent the future.

Some unique benefits for the Galipatia community include:

  • Access to a state of the art design lab in Hoge Hall - Studio 1! The lab includes two 3D printers, milling machine, laser cutter, drill press and an array of hand and power tools!

  • Studio 2 in Hoge Hall offers a space for students to work, study and collaborate together with a MediaScape!

  • ​Events hosted by engineering companies that showcase the types of work you could do if you worked for them! Start making connections to potential employers right away!

  • Opportunities to make connections at social events for engineering students. Meet other students outside of your major yet still have a community where you are surrounded by students taking the same classes as you!

  • Mentoring support from a large team of upper class students in each major to help with academic success and making connections on campus!

  • Opportunities to become an upper class leader in the community! Only students who live in the community as first years can remain as upper class leaders.

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure."

- Colin Powell

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